Formal homework is set at least once a week, usually on a Thursday, to be returned by Monday, and importance is placed on completing it. The children will work on particular themes or projects or skill development activities. When this happens, it is hoped that the home will co-operate to encourage the child in his/her work.

From time to time a particular activity requires information by parents, relations and neighbours, or requires interviewing and research work by the child. It is appreciated that the child is the responsibility of the home during these hours and parents' willingness to co-operate will be understood in the light of this responsibility.

A home reading scheme exists and we entreat parents to ensure that their children read daily. Books will be carried to and from school daily.

Occasionally, a particular teacher may ask a child to do additional work in order to overcome some weakness or to concentrate on a special aspect of work. At such times it is hoped that the full co-operation of the home will be forthcoming together with encouragement necessary for the child to do the work.