Healthy School



Ysgol Bethel has completed Stage 5 of the Healthy Schools Initiative and is now working on Stage 6.




logoAt the end of Stage 6, once all the evidence has been submitted and the local co-ordinators are happy with the work and standards, independent national assessors will asses the school. They will look through all the documents, visit the school for a presentation from the school council, and have a tour of the building and a chance to talk to some of the children and staff. We hope to complete this stage in the next two years and then proceed to try for the National Quality Award.

The Scheme is divided into 7 areas:

Food and Fitness (already assessed and approved)
Health and Mental & Emotional Welfare
Personal and Relationship Development
Use and Misuse of Substances
The Environment

The main area we will focus on in The Autumn term will be ‘The Environment’