Green School


Here are the members of The Green Group September 2012

The Green Group have been busy being detectives around the school. The children have been working hard to discover how the school can reduce their use of energy. Ffion Mai Jones from Gwynedd Council came here to talk about the importance of reducing energy use.

The main aim of the project is to provide a framework in order to assist schools to adopt policies and activities that will protect the environment as a part of the schools daily routine.

Ysgol Bethel has completed the bronze and silver award of the Green Schools Scheme and is currently trying to achieve th Gold award.

The award is divided as follows:

1. Choices and Decisions
2. Climate Change
3. Consumption and Waste
4. The Natural Environment

In order to complete the Gold Award, evidence must be collected in order to prove that the children have gained sufficient experiences in the above categories.

The school has completed a year of work on the Gold Award Portfolio and we hope to complete this stage within the next two years.

During the next two years, the main focus will be 'Climate Change'.